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Introduction to TCPAK
In Brief

The Association is a corporate body comprising town, county, and country planners,and/or urban and regional planners and/or physical planners. The Association promotes professional development, education, public awareness,sustainable development and the protection and conservation of the built and natural environment.

Our Vision

To be the premier and leading town, county, regional and country planning association of choice in Kenya and the world.

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Our Mission

The Association exists to advance sustainable, integrated and inclusive association for the benefit of the town, county and country planners and professional growth of members through professional practice, advancing planning knowledge and technologies, research, championing the rights of town planners and conducting professional development programs.

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Our Value Statement

A responsive professional association of town, county and country planners which is professional, accountable, democratic and mutually supportive.

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Our Objectives
Our Mandate

Create public awareness by marketing the services of members and provide professional opinions on the matters pertaining to violation of the statutes provided for good maintenance of the built and natural environment.

Establish and accredit Continuous Professional Development programmes for the members and encourage collaboration of professionals and societies engaged in the built and natural environment.

Advance the science and art of town and country planning, land use, buildings and infrastructure by developing the standards of professional education, training and practice, and facilitate matters of mutual interest of the members.       Read more

Schedule of CPD Training Activities
2016 Events Calendar

February 2016

TCPAK Annual General Meeting. - Review of Physical Planners Registration Act (1996)

March 2016

-Industrial Development Survey/Seminar.

June 2016

-Energy Planning / development Seminar. -Construction/Building workshop Seminar.

July 2016

- CPD Seminar, Project Management, Building of the London Olympics 2012.

September 2016

-Transport Plan/Development Seminar.

12-16 September 2016

- 52nd Isocarp Congress, Durban South Africa.

8-10 November 2016

- Town and County Planning and Development Conference. - World Town Planning Day 2016. - Town Awards for Excellence 2016

Tom Chavangi, Secretary/CEO of National Land Commission, addressing opening session
Dr H. Musoga, NLC/Director of Land Use Planning, made presentation on planning policy and legal issues
Bernard Oduor makes presentation on behalf of CEO LAPSSET
Mairura Omwenga, TCPAK Chairman, follows the conference proceedings
QS David M Njuguna, Manager/National Construction Authority, urged town planners to actively participate in building construction matters
T.Chavangi and Dr Musoga both of National Land Commission conferring at the conference

Our Partners
We are proud to be associated with

Resource Center

TCPAK Constitution


WTP Day 2014 Report


Membership Forms


TCPAK Events Calendar


TCPAK Town and County Review- June 2015


Press Release 2 (7th Roads Rail 2016)


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